Johnston Urbandale Soccer Club

C     O     A     C     H     E     S          P     O     R     T     A     L

    If you have questions or problems, please read our Troubleshooting Guide.

    **After completing registration, return to "Member Home" screen, under your name and "Coaching Documents" and select to start required training unless previously completed and/or uploaded.


    1. Concussion Training Certification
      In conjunction, the requirement of completing concussion awareness training must be completed every two years. Click here to go there now!

    2. **NEW** SafeSport Training/Abuse Prevention Certificate
      This SafeSport training course covers Sexual Misconduct Awareness Education is geared toward coaches, team volunteers, officials or team staff members (athletic trainer, team doctor, etc.). You are eligible to take this training through your sport's National Governing Body, U.S. Soccer and became a requirement due to federal legislation passed in 2018.

      •If you complete the training complete the course through your member account you shouldn't upload SafeSport certificate.
      If you complete the course through SafeSport link, directly prior to registering or outside of their member account, you will need to return and upload your certificate.

    3. Upload your Photo or email one to

    RECOMMENDED: To ensure that all players have access to a safe and positive experience, Iowa Soccer has established minimum standards for coaches recommends the free 20 minute on-line U.S. Soccer Grassroots Introductory Module. This short course is a prerequisite to attend Grassroots courses for which JUSC will reimburse its coaches.

    How to access and take U.S. Soccer's Introduction to Grassroots Coaching Module:

    1. Visit U.S. Soccer's Digital Coaching Center (DCC).
    2. Sign up (free of charge) or log-in to your DCC profile. (Use the same email as in Stack Sports)
    3. Select "Courses" from the top menu.
    4. Under "Available Courses", select "Begin Course" to launch the introductory module.
    5. Complete U.S. Soccer's Introduction to Grassroots Coaching.