Johnston Urbandale Soccer Club

C     O     A     C     H     E     S          T     R     A     I     N     I     N     G

Concussion Training for Coaches

Hello coach! Thanks again for volunteering and registering to coach! To complete this Iowa Soccer required process please complete CDC Concussion web-based training and upload the certificate of completion to your account.

Completed Concussion Training in the past?

If you did training but did not save your certificate you may try this:
1) Go to and Click LOGIN - REGISTER
2) Click 'I have an account' and Enter the email address you used (reset password as needed)
3) At the Top of page, in black bar click "FULL CERTIFICATE" to download.
4) Save PDF and upload into your US Soccer Connect

Completing Concussion Training for the first time

If you need to complete CDC Training for the first time, I highly recommend you review "A Fact Sheet for COACHES" before you do the training itself. At the beginning of the training, you will be taking a "pre-test" and better you score at pre-test, faster you will be done. Training could take 15 ~ 30 minutes to complete depending on how well you do the pre-test.

After completion

- After completion of the training, you will be able to download PDF which you then need to upload your Member Account Profile.
Please click here to start the training: HeadsUP concussion education and testing video for coaches. or copy paste this into the browser:
-If you have trouble uploading certificate, email to and I'll add it to your account.
-Please upload your photo now as well, or email to and I'll add it to your account.

Safety /Additional Training

-A safety certificate is not a required certificate for the 2018-2019 seasonal year. For those that complete the sexual abuse awareness training, you may upload this completion certificate to your Member Account Profile. This will be required for 2019/2020 season.