Johnston Urbandale Soccer Club

Contact Opposing Team Coach

Finding opposing coach contact info will depend on your team age group and type of the program but it will always start with officialy published schedule.

5U - 8U Coaches

To find out opposing 5U-8U coach contact:

1. Via the "Schedules" page,

2. Click on "Your Age group", find and click on opposing team ID listed, this will navigate to that team's schedule page. At the top, it will show the team contact email.

9U - 19U Coaches

1. Via the "Schedules" page,

2. Click on "Your Age group" and you will be sent to Iowa Soccer Schedules hosted by "Tourney Machine"

3. Find a game vs opposing team you are trying to contact listed in the schedule

4. Click on the blue "i" button on the right to reveal the team's contact info.

JUSC Key Contacts