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JUSC Extra Kicks

Thanks for everyone who attended extra kicks this Spring!

The staff enjoyed working with the players and coaches over the season.

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Better Coaches = Better Players = Better Soccer

Fall Rec and Academy 2019 Registration is Now Open! Please reach out to your team parents!

***Register Early and Avoid $25 Late Fee***

Important: New Coach Registration is Required, one registration per each program, but Iowa Soccer is not ready, and I will announce when "Coaches Registration" is activated for 2019-2020 seasons.

Note: Coach Safety Training
-A safety certificate is required for the 2019-2020 seasonal year. For those that complete the sexual abuse awareness training, you may upload this completion certificate to your Member Account Profile. Rest of thing should be automatic. Login to your StackSports account to start your training now.

On the bottom of the message please find practice sessions form Iowa Soccer Coaching Director.
-Here is some additional practice content.

Session 1 - 3v3 Tournament + Dribbling Warm-up

Session 2 - 4v4 - Four Goal Game Tournament

For Players: Be a good teammate... what does that mean? How do you react when mistakes happen... to yourself, to others?

For Coaches: Try coaching using ONLY PRAISE and be specific. Allow your players to play. Have fun with the players.

For Teams: 4v4 shape - Diamond using WIDTH and DEPTH or 3v3 shape - Triangle using WIDTH AND DEPTH. Transition QUICKLY to the different phases of the game. ORGANIZE when the ball goes out of bounds.

Weekly Sessions

Each week we will send out coaching sessions for you to use as a foundation for your teams. We heavily encourage you to follow the curriculum but also use your best judgment on what works for your group. Find a fun activity that is beneficial and enjoyable for your players? Run it again! Click the links below for the sessions.

Iowa Soccer coaching director practice plans below ⇓

16 17 18 19
5U-8U Session 9U/10U Session 11U/12U
13U and Older

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Parents Corner

Parent_Resources_HeaderFrom US Youth Soccer & Iowa Soccer Parent tool kit - visit Iowa Soccer Parent tool Kit page

First off, a BIG thank you!

THANK YOU for getting your kid involved in a very fun activity. In soccer, especially at the younger age groups, kids get a lot of touches on the ball, with lots of chances to score goals. The forms of the game they play, along with your support of their activity, goes a long way toward them sticking with the sport. So, again, thanks for trekking them to practices and games so they can enjoy the world's greatest sport!

Secondly, a sign of the times: SafeSoccer and SafeSport

The safety of our youth players is paramount. We believe every parent should feel comfortable sending their children to practices and games. In the wake of recent high-profile cases of abuse, most notably at USA Gymnastics involving Larry Nassar, the youth sports community recognized the need to do a better job ensuring that safe feeling. As a result, Congress passed new laws, the US Olympic Committee issued new guidance, and we have strengthened our Risk Management policies. Click here for a dedicated page on this topic

And third...the kids need your help

Parents have a profound impact on whether or not their child enjoys soccer, and if he/she sticks with it. The major stumbling blocks that typically lead to -- inadvertantly in most cases -- negatively impacting your child's soccer experience are:
  • One or both parents didn't grow up with soccer, so don't know the rules, and/or aren't familiar with "small-sided games"
  • Parents aren't sure what is the best way to support their child in this particular activity
  • Parents re-live their youth sports experience through their child
  • Poor sportsmanship
  • Parent Pocket Guide to the Rules
Help, I volunteered to coach!

Thank you for volunteering to coach our kids this fall! Parent coaches are the main reason JUSC is one of the most successful soccer programs in the area! Each season club provides 5 in-person coaches clinics, offer reimbursement for coaches who earn licences and discounts to those who have received training or continuing coaching education. Learn More

US Youth Soccer Director of Coaching "Help" manual

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